What makes our podcast so awesome, besides our listeners, is the diverse group of hosts and rotating guest hosts who make the show work. Our interests vary sharply, and sometimes they contrast, but the discussion is always going to be lively and entertaining with this crew.



Mike Perry, Champion of the Common Man

A veteran of internet broadcasting since the early 2000s, Mike Perry serves as an on-air host as well as the producer of the Adult Podcast for Kids.
Field(s) of Expertise: Wrestling, Literature, Douchebaggery
Favorite Thing: Retro Video Games
Least Favorite Thing: MMOs. World of Warcraft sucks.
Social: @TheMikePerry
Fun Fact: Was accidentally elected constable in the same year that he broke the single game world record for individual rush yards in a single game on Tecmo Super Bowl.

Joey “Nickname Pending” Loucks

Joey has never done any kind of broadcasting in the past, but his encyclopedic knowledge of superheroes and shit makes him a natural on a show like ours.
Field(s) of Expertise: Comics, wrestling, killing all of his friends
Favorite Thing: (The publisher of this show is contractually obligated to answer “Wife” for this prompt.)
Least Favorite Thing: Nia Jax’s cameltoe
Social: @ALottaLaux
Fun Fact: Loves wearing his tie on his head as a symbol of his enjoyment of nuptual ceremonies.

“The Occassional” Chris Behana
Named for his propensity for disappearing without a trace, Chris is a veteran co-host of Hood Rich Radio.
Field(s) of Expertise: Video games, movies, vanishing
Favorite Thing: Convenience foods
Least Favorite Thing: Pittsburgh radio personality Mark Madden
Social: @ChrisBehana
Fun Fact: Once disappeared for an entire month in high school, blaming the September 11 attacks when he returned and was pressed for an explanation. Bonus Fact: Current Scottdale, PA record holder for tacos eaten in one sitting.

John “Tripp” Gentry
This mysterious man is a veteran of the college radio scene in Ohio. With his love for a great argument and an undeniably contrarian bent, Tripp brings controversy and delight everywhere he goes.
Field(s) of Expertise: Beer, music, Magic: The Gathering
Favorite Thing: Rockin’ guitar solos
Least Favorite Thing: Drawing attention
Social: It’s a secret to everybody.
Fun Fact: Tripp is part-man, part-robot after a harrowing motorcycle accident forced him to choose between death and life as a cyborg superhuman.

Scott “The Grave” Roberts
Scott was a radio host and producer on a variety of stations both independent and commercial from 2008 to 2010. He’s been a legal videographer by trade since 2009. He brings his actual, real life experience to a show full of pretenders and is the producer in charge of making everything look and sound as good as possible.
Field(s) of Expertise: Wrestling, superheroes, modern comics, video games
Favorite Thing: Having time to do absolutely nothing and eating sweets
Least Favorite Thing: Pittsburgh Traffic
Social: Facebook
Fun Fact: Once cut a reclining couch in half and flawlessly put it back together after getting it into his old apartment living room. He then left it there when he moved out.