The spiritual successor to the pioneering mid-2000s internet radio sensation Hood Rich Radio, the Adult Podcast for Kids takes queues from every nook and cranny of geek, web, and popular culture. From games to movies to music, books, TV and tech, our show covers a vast array of the subjects you care about. Delivered with a decidedly R-Rated tone, the show is, contrary to its title, certainly not for kids. The name was derived from the Adult Marathon for Kids, an annual charity gaming marathon organized by the show’s hosts.

Each episode will distill the week in geek down into a delicious bite-sized morsel that you can enjoy during your commute, in the background at work, or whenever your heart desires. We’ll never run out of topics to entertain, inspire, and enlighten you, as our weekly “You won’t!” segment will force one of our hosts or guests to immerse themselves in an interest, hobby, or challenge that they normally wouldn’t even consider.

We invite you to join us each week as we review, discuss, and poke fun at pop culture’s finest achievements and greatest gaffes. From pro wrestling to comic books, hell, even porno… If it matters to you, you’ll hear about it on the Adult Podcast for Kids!

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