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Creating the best podcast possible isn’t cheap! Not only do we have to pay for web hosting, domain registration, and audio file hosting, we’re also constantly buying and maintaining new and better equipment. While the show isn’t perfect, little equipment upgrades here and there have been immensely helpful. If you enjoy the show and want to know what you can do to help out, this is your best bet! Your generous donation will go towards all of the things that keep us on the air every week with new content for you, our loyal listeners!

We offer two ways to help support the show monetarily. The first, and best option, is to subscribe as a recurring contributor. You’ll be billed monthly for the amount you select. For Filthy Casual ($1/month) tier supporters, you’ll get a personal thank you on each show. Civil War Deniers ($5/month) will get a plug for their business or website during the show for each month that you subscribe. At the SuperFan level, we’ll read and record a 30 second ad of your choice that will play on every show throughout your subscription. Finally, our most generous supporters, the Mysterious Benefactor level ($25/month) will receive the SuperFan treatment, PLUS a link in all of our YouTube videos and a banner ad on our website!

Recurring Support Options

Or, if you prefer, you can make a one-time donation to help support the show!

If you can’t afford to donate or subscribe, consider writing us a positive review on iTunes or the Google Play store! These reviews help get the word out about the show!