The Mexican Runner’s NESMania Project Coming to an Historic End

By Mike Perry

It’s every 80’s and 90’s kid’s secret life goal come true. After over three thousand hours, almost three years, and 713 total games, the Twitch personality and world record holding gamer known as The Mexican Runner will complete his quest to finish all 714 United States and European licensed games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. No Game Genie. No cheat devices. For the most part, no hints or spoilers, either. Just a man, a console, and a dream.

Known for his hilarious trilingual rage rants, TMR has plowed through every single NES game on stream for the entire world to watch. If that weren’t enough pressure, he’s done it through a move across the ocean to Poland as well as multiple trips to the United States for events such as Awesome Games Done Quick and the 2015 Nintendo World Championships. Fomented and fueled by “Taco Breaks” (which later became pierogi breaks after his move to Poland) and featuring various special broadcasts including live concerts with his brother, DIY game room improvement, and more, TMR’s journey finally comes to an end on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at noon EST.

Along the way, TMR has had to grind through days-long role playing games, frustrating arcade ports with seemingly no ending, and even had to take piano lessons. After each game, there was a raffle where a member of TMR’s lively chat got to select the next game. Even this seemingly mundane task was always made more entertaining as the host would improv lyrics along to the “starman” theme from Super Mario Bros. (“You can win / or lose / but if you win / you pick / the next game in NESMania”).

Legions of NESMania fans, sometimes numbering in the thousands for the more exciting moments, created fan art to commemorate the project. A large majority of the games got TMR-themed parody cover art, usually involving faux titles that fit the host’s personality. Mario Andretti’s World Grand Prix became Mexican Runner’s World GP. TMR’s signature catch phrase, “No mames!” was a favorite. No mames, in short, is Mexican slang for, “No way!”

Along the way, TMR became a legit star in the world of speedrunning (if he wasn’t already to begin with), being featured on the Twitch front page several times. Of course, the aforementioned streaming service will be making an event out of the final day of NESMania, when TMR will tackle his second most favorite game, Super Mario Bros. 3, to complete the project. His favorite game, Battletoads, was already finished by the time somebody in chat suggested that he should pick a good game so that the final game wasn’t “awful.”

Not only are all of TMR’s exploits archived on Twitch and YouTube for posterity, but they are extensively documented in an impressively-detailed Google Docs spreadsheet. All 714 games are listed by genre, play time, and date beaten, along with links to the “Manuel” for each game. Manuel, of course, is a play on manual. The notion became so popular that a cartoon character of the same name was created and became the subject of a popular t-shirt. When all else fails, TMR fans always reminded their host to consult Manuel.

As the project became more popular, fans started to send gifts to TMR in the form of NES cartridges in order to show their appreciation. According to the NESMania documentation, TMR has amassed a whopping collection of 704 games, with only 10 remaining. His goal is to own every single game that he completed during NESMania. The only ones remaining are, of course, extremely rare and valuable.

An event like this has never been completed in the history of gaming. Nobody has ever been able to provide documented proof that they beat literally ever NES game. This is a big deal. We’d like to congratulate TMR and wish him the best of luck in whatever it is that he attempts after this monumental event. Join us on Sunday the 26th at 12 PM EST as we watch gaming history unfold!

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