Universal Resorts Bringing the Nintendo Experience to Life

by Mike Perry

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, stands outside Universal Orlando Resort. Nintendo-themed areas a ...

Nintendo luminary Shigeru Miyamoto poses outside of the Universal Orlando Resort.

Planning a trip to one of the Universal Studios parks in Orlando, Hollywood, or Japan soon? You might want to hold off on it for a year or two if you’re a Nintendo fan. The Big N put out a press release this morning announcing that they’ve teamed up wtih Universal to “bring the fun of Nintendo to life with expansive, highly themed environments at Osaka, Orlando, and Hollywood.” If you’ve seen how well Orlando has handled licensed theme areas in their parks in the past, this has to be exciting news.

The press release promises gigantic prianha plants springing to life while visitors are surrounded by question blocks, power-ups, and more. Nintendo’s creative types are working with Universal to bring the characters, action, and fun experience that Nintendo is world famous for to life, right in their parks.

The experience will be, “expansive, immersive, and interactive” with “highly themed and authentic environments” and “multiple attractions, shops, and restaurants.”

The press release notes that no timetable has been established, but that planning and creative work for these new attractions is already underway. Each of the three Universal parks will open their Nintendo-themed attractions “separately over the next several years.” Specifics of each Nintendo-themed park area will be announced soon.