We’re Blogging!

It’s been such a cool experience to work on our geek podcast, Adult Podcast for Kids. In such a short time, we’ve already covered everything from superheroes to movie trailers, video games to pro wrestling, and so much more. We’ve grown from a simple audio podcast to a fully-fledged YouTube channel. Some of our content has been well-received, while others have fallen flat. All in all, it’s been an incredible learning experience that has been both fun and fulfilling.

In an effort to continue to provide awesome content for our listeners, we’ve created this blog. It will be a place for our hosts, guests, and maybe even listeners to elaborate a little bit more on the topics that we’ve touched upon on the show. It might even be a place for odds and ends ranging from essays to side projects (namely, topics that might not necessarily fit our geek podcast, but we still felt like doing shows on).

Check back here regularly to see what we’ve got in store!